BE THE ONE Annual Campaign (General Fund)
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BE THE ONE Annual Campaign (General Fund)
Help families in need give a life-changing classical Christian education to their children! Researcher and author George Barna, our speaker for last year's Family Strong Series, shared at the event, We found that a person's worldview is pretty much in place by the age of thirteen.

At WCA, we come alongside families by providing a Christ-centered education to young children. Our goal is that by age thirteen our students will have a biblical worldview with a strong work ethic and an ever developing appreciation for truth, beauty, goodness, excellence and service.

Every year we raise thousands of dollars to cover the difference between actual tuition revenue and annual expenses. The gap comes from providing need-based financial assistance we provide for families who qualify.

Your contributions of any size to our annual fundraising campaign, BE THE ONE, will mean all of our WCA children will have the opportunity to become what George Barna calls "spiritual champions", making a difference in the world.
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